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are one of the most wanted men in america now in custody. and at tonight's scene, law enforcement officials were being very precautious, how big a man hunt was this. hundreds of people were told to hunker in place as officers were searching. in cambridge where they believed the brothers lived and at darmuth where the 19-year- old was enrolled. he was seen cruising around quote laid back just a couple of days ago after the bombs went off in boston on monday here we are tonight. all eyes on watertown. population a little over 100,000 people. as boston pd says suspect number two now in custody. one of the big images coming out of that area tonight are a crowd of officers and residents cheering as word spread that number two was indeed in custody. live tonight in the newsroom. mike mibach, ktvu news. >>> a former atf member explained to us how the explosives work. >> when the pressure cooker boils, you've got most anything from broken glass to nails, screws, anything along those lines to make additional shrapnel. >> there are inherent risks in the job of a bomb technician but he says
law would raise $50 million a year. >> he said he crafted the bill in response to the shooting in newtown, connecticut. >>> windy out there, wind advisory till 9:00 p.m. tonight. gusty along the coast and bay. the wind advisory for the bay sections and hilly sections. wind gusts today. 55 miles per hour in san francisco. that is significant. 40 in point reyes. and berkeley 32. here is the deal, with the blowing sand on the great highway i wouldn't be surprised if it gets shut down. great highway, if you travel that route, kind of be prepared for changes. the system that is over us now is moving through, it is cold. or cooler. producing showers around davis area and north, and up here on 50 and 80 for a while. as the system moves off this way it deposits cold air and winds die down and it will get chilly. current wind gusts. that is 40 miles per hour right now at the san francisco airport right here. that is a lot of wind. you may see slight flight delays. they are used to that wind. still check your carrier. it is kicking up the pollens and tree pollens are trending high. weed
of support for the marathoners hurt and killed in boston. >> plus bay area law enforcement take a closer look at their communication readiness in the event of an act of terror. go to for the very latest video and images that we're getting in from boston. >> developing news now, some residents in the south bay are being urged to conserve energy after police say someone sabotaged a phone distribution center. and john fowler is live in santa clara county, john fowler has the story now. >> reporter: police say they are looking for someone with the technology knowledge. 1:26a.m. someone cut fiberoptic cables. first knocking out several 911 dispatch systems including gilroy's emergency police line which is still now. a moment later another cable cut sent phone and data systems down. >> they knew where to go for the fiberoptic, they knew where to cut. they also were able to take out very critical parts of the pg & e substation. >> reporter: the attacker used a high powered rifle, 30 to 40 shots. severely damaging five transmission banks at the sub station. pg & e said no one lost power. but
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3